Too much

Sometimes I feel so alone

Sometimes I feel very down

Sometimes I don’t feel a thing

Things that I’ve lived through my life have made me this

This is it

This is who I am

This is what I have

Nothing more

Nothing less

I do, and do, and do, and get nothing in return

I know that you’re not supposed to ask for things back

But why can’t I have you by my side when I’ve had your back?

On the good, on the bad

I was there to stay and keep you on track

Being a strong person doesn’t mean I have no feelings

Doesn’t mean I don’t feel shit

Doesn’t mean that I ain’t gonna lock myself in my room after this

Repressed feelings is my way of livin’

Because if I ain’t there for myself, then who will?

Not you, nor you

Don’t lie and tell me you’ll be my side, that you’re my friend and that in you I can confide

Sometimes I just wanna die

Swallow them pills and say goodbye

1,2,3 down it goes

Down, down, down the rabbit hole

Damm, didn’t think I’d be here for so long

Take me already, I’m ready to leave

Have had my bags packed since I was sixteen

One day, one day is what I ask for

Just one day, to feel back the love that I give

Is it too much?

Someone tell me so that I can just stop holding on to that thought

Am I crazy? Maybe I am, maybe I’m not

Maybe I’m the one that’s too much for you or maybe just not enough?

Yeah, not enough

Only good to hear your problems, only good to help you face them, only good to go to you

Oh, but God forbid I feel stuck, when I ask for company they probably think “yuck”

Who am I kidding

I don’t matter, I’m just a burden, a broken doll

A broken doll asking for too much

A broken doll asking for too much




A broken doll asking for too much


Mic Drop

People have Hemingway and Fitzgerald
Me? I have the Queen B, Lil Kim, and Marshall Matthers
Now you found out what I’m all about
You weren’t a project, but everything just folded out
Every time I see you some weird ass shit happens
I don’t know if it’s you or us, everything we touch turns to cha-os
That night probably didn’t do nothing for you
A corrupt person won’t feel they have their hands dirty, cuz that’s what they’re used to
But I have another point of view
Now I have a clearer mind and it’s without you
I’m okay dealing with baggage, everyone has ’em, and I can usually handle ’em
But damn, son, you don’t come in light
You cummin’ with a load, literally, a fucking mother load!
I didn’t have beef with that bitch before
Until she called me a slut and exposed me
Really fella? What was all of that for?
“Number one hoe”
Haven’t you noticed that’s who everyone’s rooting out for?
Well, listen up, bitch
I ain’t afraid of you
I actually fucking pity you
A fool for a fool
Making shit feel like high-school
So here’s a lil reminder, your time has passed
Forget about being that ‘it’ girl, that’s all in the past
Keep talking shit, say whatever you want
In the end it’s a psycho girl’s words against mine
I ain’t tripping, cunt, cuz I ain’t gonna waste my time
You can see my fly ass on the media for as long as you want
While you cringe behind your phone screen, I’m getting fucked
And no, I wasn’t waiting for your fat ass to get dumped
Bitch, please, I got a filled up repertoire
Things happen for a reason
So just fucking give-in!
Let it be! Move on! Let him breathe-in!
It’s not only him you’re making sick-n’ believe me, I didn’t want to be part of it
But I ain’t gonna be a bystander, shit
You didn’t think I wasn’t gonna write about this?
Both of ya’ll need to get your life together
Lazy ass mother fuckers
Do something productive in your lives and stay focused
I don’t know what you fucking fighting for
You called the cops on this fella
Turned your back, but still crawling back to this fella
You missing out on a good fuck
This dude making me cum with his big fat cock
It’s okay now, cuz you can have it back
I don’t want anything to do with this fella’s dumb ass
Jump right on it, I left it squeaky clean
From the top of the tip to his balls down deep
Ya’ll pathetic, and I’ll remain unapologetic
No mercy for ya’ll
You stupid hoes will keep the controversy running for all
Having everyone leaving your side cuz they just can’t handle anymore
Stupid non-sense will get you nowhere
That’s why I decided to end things right here
No fear



I leave for the weekend and you decided to turn around
Do your thing
Not give a fuck
And let this drown
Goddamn, I knew this time would come
Didn’t know for how long it was going to last
But I know now
Deleting your apps so your ex won’t suspect shit
I dreamt about that
I told you I was a witch
And that I’m not a bitch to fuck with
Ain’t giving you your stupid jacket back
Don’t even trynna call to come get it
It’ll be far gone, cuz I’m gonna wear it
That’ll be like a trophy and I’ll wear it nicely
It’s a Levis so it was quite pricey
Called you and you hung up the phone
Fuck you, fella!
Just go back to yo’ momma’s home!
Daddy issues fucked you up, you ain’t far from that
You turned out to be just like your dad
Got yourself lookin’ in the mirror with his face starin’ right back
Do whatever you want
Cuz’ I officially don’t give a fuck
You wanted a pity party, well now you’ll have one
Boo-hoo, R2! I feel so bad for you!
Poor baby, you got so much on your table!
Your head spinning so fast you just can’t be stable!
I feel so sick…
The only good thing ’bout you was your big ass dick
But like that one I’ve had plenty
I know I deserve much better
But now for a fact I know that you’re really not that clever
Fuck this shit!
I’m tired writing about this bitch
You just like fucking Kanye
And I’ll be like Amber Rose
Good luck finding someone that’ll fuck and lick your ass-hole
Peace out
I’m out
Forget ’bout me too
I won’t be around



You’re the devil in flesh
Appearing on the most unexpectedtimes and events
Everytime I see you I get paralized
Just waiting to see whats gonna happen next
Oh, but I know
I know deep inside my soul that everything’s gonna get trashed
But I still keep opening my heart and my legs
For you, for a stupid fool
Or maybe that’s me the one that keeps getting schooled
Damn, why you do this to me?
As a matter of fact, how do I keep letting this happenning to me?
You got a spell on me, and I can’t find a way to let myself free
As soon I see you, I get down on my knees
Swallow your cum and think about the future, geez
So we bumped into each other
And we didn’t lose time
We we’re too drunk to fuck
But made it work just fine
You think you’re a man and all that
But you talking about your ex, the one you stayed with three years
The one that you started dating and when you bumped into me, swore to break up with her and leave her in tears
You say that you’re better that way, great without her because you said that it felt like you were fucking a bucket anyway
What kinda talkin’ is that?
Yeah, I don’t like her, but damn…
Givin’ away your lovin’, investing your time to think about a person like that and just bounce back
That keeps me thinking what would be waiting for me?…
Meh…Ain’t nobody got time for that
I was fine before I saw you
I was doing just fine before I fucked you
Somehow I’m a magnet for ya’
You keep pulling me right towards ya’
Just like Alicia says, I keep falling in and out of love
Fuck your stupid “love”, you fucking FRAUD
Even though I know the truth, I keep embracing the fall
But not until now I’m noticing that I’ve had enough
A Queen gotta keep her chin held up
Gotta keep moving and shake off the bad dust
Go ahead, call your fucking sidehoes
Ha, ya’ll just match perfectly cuz you a fucking foe
I don’t wish you bad, but I won’t fucking wish you good
Karma’s a bitch, and believe me, it’ll fucking get you, so scoot
What have you done with your life besides wasting it all in alcohol and flies
Ah, that’s right, a broken marriage, a little bastard left behind and a fucking warrant. Ah! What a surprise!
Actually, I’mma wish you the best of luck
Cuz it seems like you need that, a fucking bunch
So good luck to ya’
Peace, fella
This Queen’s on the rise
Get the fuck outta my way
Cuz next time, I ain’t gonna be nice

You Snooze, You Lose

New verse on the making
Baby, you better be shaking
Spitting words like crazy
Ain’t my fault you pussied out
And now you’re just sitting behind
Your screen all strung out
Man, fuck your ass
Everything’s now in the past
So learn how to deal with that
Cuz I’m moving up fast
I remember the first time we met
Everything like a movie scene
We couldn’t keep it clean
Had so much fun, we forgot about reality
Seeing each other again and
Everything turned out so differentely
Couldn’t make a move cuz it seemed
Like you had a security guard boo
Bitch, get outta ma face and stay
On your motherfucking lane
I ain’t got no time to play any
Fucking childish games
I ain’t here to compete, because I’m the Queen, B!
And if you ain’t with me
Then, just fucking leave me in peace
You think I’m crazy because I’m a stoner
But, man, look at her
She’s talking to a comet in a corner
Now you tell me, who’s higher up in this bitch?
This chick can’t even sell anything coming out of her mouth with a single pitch
Jumping from dick to dick in your own inner circle click
Yeah, she cool
But I ain’t fucking buying it
I’ve been hiding and you keep finding me
Double tap, now all of a sudden you liking me?
Oh, but it don’t stop there
You wonder why you’re lonely and single
And it’s all because you can’t really fucking mingle
Remember how I made that dick tremble?
So sorry for you, but now this is a closed temple


I crave him like no one before
He’s like a forbidden fruit
Exactly like Adam and Eve’s
Too much to not get teased
Making me purr without even a touch
Oh god, give me him, I want him so much
This celibacy is killing me
He’s the perfect prey, and I’m truly feeling him
We are on each others destiny, I definitely believe in it
Praying every night for that dick to be mine
Oh my, everything would be so divine
White mountains on every corner of the room
Fat blunt making it look like Doom
But we already used to it because bad behaviour is what rules
He’s a bad boy, I know it
I can feel it and almost taste it
Sour vodka tonic
I can already picture it
Face down, ass up, just the way he likes to fuck
White lines down my spine
Roll that Benjimen, baby, you know how I ride
Inhale and pull my hair while I moan,
Don’t make this moment fold
Be mine, oh baby, be mine
Be mine for at least one time
Let me taste you and see how you feel like
My thighs call out your name,
Desiring for that future moment to stay
I picture it over and over in my head,
And honey, it’s time to play.

Imprisoned Mind

Do I still think about him? Oh, every day.
Every single day his memory attacks my brain, and if I don’t snap out of it, it’s like I’m falling in an endless pit swalloing me whole.
Sometimes when I’m driving, it just hits me and I start screaming from the top of my lungs to get it all out, if I don’t do so I just start sobbing uncontrollably.
I just keep remembering the good times, because that’s what we mostly had together, a good damn time.
Every heart break makes me lose a little faith for what could possibly be out there for me. I close the door on people, but most of all, I close the door on myself.
When will this be over? I don’t know…I don’t even know if I want it to be over.
I dream of him about every three weeks, dreams where I go looking after him wanting to stay with me. But he doesn’t, not even in my dreams he chooses me. He rejects me and it kills me.
The thing is that we didn’t have a chance to say goodbye. The last time I saw him, he was flipping me off with both hands walking the opposite way on puddle filled alley. The last words that I heard from him were “I can’t talk, they’ll throw me in jail” through the phone. We just stayed there for a minute listening to each others breaths.
But until this day, I wonder; Does he think of me the way I think of him? Does he remember me the way I remember him? Does he cherish the good times just like I do? Does he feel some kind of guilt? Some kind of remorse?
These are the questions that come to mind when I end up in that self-destructing turbine.
Then, forcefully, I think about the things that he did to me, the other girl, that last day, all of that just to make it go away.