First Strike.


I really don’t remember how this discussion started, but I definitely remember how it ended. It ended with me, standing in front of the bathroom mirror, crying, noticing my neck and face red.

Things started heating up, I just wanted to be there for him, was just trying to calm him down, but I made a terrible mistake my blocking the front door. That’s when fear kicked in, when he grabbed be by my neck and choked me with both hands, dragging me like that for 5 feet against the door, that followed by a slap and him yelling at me “What? I thought you liked that”, referring to my sexual kinks. Then, he proceeded by punching my jaw between his fists, that’s when I really felt pain, but it did not end there, it ended when he grabbed me in a choke hold from behind and dragged me to the floor, and he still blamed me for taking him down with me. I stood up, my sweater was ripped and barely on me.
I wasn’t able to defend myself, I was in complete shock, it was just unbelieveable.


He left for about 4 hours, didn’t even wonder how I was…

The next day, I decided to stay…he said that he didn’t want me to leave. That he loved me so much and that he wouldn’t know what to do if I wasn’t there by his side. I was weak…

Bruises started popping on my arms from the way he grabbed me, another one on the right side of my jaw, had  a sore neck and a messed up left wrist for a week.

After that, for a week and a half, everything was beautiful, right like before…


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