Let’s talk about Tinder

Tinder! Everyone know’s about it, has used it, or know’s someone that does. It’s fun, I’m not gonna lie, I do have more fun just reading the guys profile’s than meeting up with them; I get anxious and cancel dates frequently or I just stretch them a lot and they end up hating me.

So the last Tinder date that I’ve been on was a couple of weeks ago in Ocean Beach. We talked for like a month before meeting up and that was because of me…postponing.
I live in Tijuana and Lenny (let’s name him like that for now) lives in San Diego. He knew that I lived in Tijuana, and that I was willing to cross the busiest border in the world to meet up with him, yeah, let’s make it sound dramatic. We planned this outing for a week, he was going to get off from work and go straight to Ocean Beach, and I would wait patiently for night to arrive, cross, and meet him over there. I packed a suitcase just in case, you know, things went well, lol…and just maybe, that way, I wouldn’t cross the border next morning to go to a job interview (Judge away! But I rather call myself as an opportunist).

Stole a bottle of wine from my mom, don’t worry she has plenty, and took off. Arrived at Ocean Beach, parked and waited for about ten minutes before he showed up. Then I saw him, we said hi to each other following with a big bear hug; very handsome dude, ain’t gonna lie. First turn off…he didn’t know where we should go! I thought it was fair for him to plan which bar to hit, because I crossed the pinche línea (freaking border), to see him! We were then on the search of this bar that his buddies from work recommended…not because it was a cool place for a date, but because they have cheap drinks! Don’t get me wrong, I would take anyone there because of that ’cause I’m a heavy drinker… But you just don’t say that to you’re date! EVER!

We sat at the bar and ordered a couple of drinks and he paid the first round. I always pay for the second round, but before doing so, I waited a little just to see how he would act…He didn’t have any cash on him! WTF? So here is a lil relapse of what had happened so far, I crossed the border, headed to Ocean Beach, he took me to the cheapest bar, and didn’t even have money on him. Men, if you don’t have money, think of other stuff to do. If you wanna take a girl out for a drink, go to the bank and get some cash! Oh, and by the way, he’s a 36 year old man.

Conversation was great, I actually had a good time talking to him and getting to know him a little bit more. He walked me back to my car, but I really didn’t want to leave just yet, so I asked him if he was down to drink that bottle of wine at his place. We got there, he opened the bottle and poured a couple of glasses. His roommate was home, and because it’s a tiny apartment, we literally had to whisper for the next couple of hours. Well, guess who ended up drinking most of the wine? Oh yeah, that was me. He brought out his dab piece and we took a couple of dabs, I was high as hell. Good stuff. Then we proceeded to his bedroom, and ya’ll know what happened next.

On the very next day I went to my interview and nailed it. Hired right on the spot! Hell’s yeah! Had and orgasm and a job offer on the same day. That indeed was a good day.