You’re the devil in flesh

Appearing on the most unexpected times and events

Everytime I see you I get paralized

Just waiting to see whats gonna happen next

Oh, but I know

I know deep inside my soul that everything’s gonna get trashed

But I still keep opening my heart and my legs

For you, for a stupid fool

Or maybe that’s me the one that keeps getting schooled 

Damn, why you do this to me?

As a matter of fact, how do I keep letting this happenning to me?

You got a spell on me, and I can’t find a way to let myself free

As soon I see you, I get down on my knees

Swallow your cum and think about the future, geez

So we bumped into each other

And we didn’t lose time

We we’re too drunk to fuck

But made it work just fine

You think you’re a man and all that

But you talking about your ex, the one you spent with three years 

The one that you started dating and when you bumped into me, swore to break up with her and leave her in tears

You say that you’re better that way, great without her because you said that it felt like you were fucking a bucket anyway

What kinda talkin’ is that? 

Yeah, I don’t like her, but damn…

Givin’ away your lovin’, investing your time to think about a person like that and just bounce back

That keeps me thinking what would be waiting for me?…

Meh…Ain’t nobody got time for that

I was fine before I saw you

I was doing just fine before I fucked you

Somehow I’m a magnet for ya’

You keep pulling me right towards ya’

Just like Alicia says, I keep falling in and out of love

Fuck your stupid “love”, you fucking FRAUD

Even though I know the truth, I keep embracing the fall

But not until now I’m noticing that I’ve had enough

A Queen gotta keep her chin held up

Gotta keep moving and shake off the bad dust

Go ahead, call your fucking sidehoes

Ha, ya’ll just match perfectly cuz you a fucking foe

I don’t wish you bad, but I won’t fucking wish you good

Karma’s a bitch, and believe me, it’ll fucking get you, so scoot

What have you done with your life besides wasting it all in alcohol and flies

Ah, that’s right, a broken marriage, a little bastard left behind and a fucking warrant. Ah! What a surprise!

Actually, I’mma wish you the best of luck

Cuz it seems like you need that, a fucking bunch

So good luck to ya’


Peace, nigga

This Queen’s on the rise

Get the fuck outta my way

Cuz next time, I ain’t gonna be nice


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