Mic Drop

People have Hemingway and Fitzgerald
Me? I have the Queen B, Lil Kim, and Marshall Matthers
Now you found out what I’m all about
You weren’t a project, but everything just folded out
Every time I see you some weird ass shit happens
I don’t know if it’s you or us, everything we touch turns to cha-os
That night probably didn’t do nothing for you
A corrupt person won’t feel they have their hands dirty, cuz that’s what they’re used to
But I have another point of view
Now I have a clearer mind and it’s without you
I’m okay dealing with baggage, everyone has ’em, and I can usually handle ’em
But damn, son, you don’t come in light
You cummin’ with a load, literally, a fucking mother load!
I didn’t have beef with that bitch before
Until she called me a slut and exposed me
Really fella? What was all of that for?
“Number one hoe”
Haven’t you noticed that’s who everyone’s rooting out for?
Well, listen up, bitch
I ain’t afraid of you
I actually fucking pity you
A fool for a fool
Making shit feel like high-school
So here’s a lil reminder, your time has passed
Forget about being that ‘it’ girl, that’s all in the past
Keep talking shit, say whatever you want
In the end it’s a psycho girl’s words against mine
I ain’t tripping, cunt, cuz I ain’t gonna waste my time
You can see my fly ass on the media for as long as you want
While you cringe behind your phone screen, I’m getting fucked
And no, I wasn’t waiting for your fat ass to get dumped
Bitch, please, I got a filled up repertoire
Things happen for a reason
So just fucking give-in!
Let it be! Move on! Let him breathe-in!
It’s not only him you’re making sick-n’ believe me, I didn’t want to be part of it
But I ain’t gonna be a bystander, shit
You didn’t think I wasn’t gonna write about this?
Both of ya’ll need to get your life together
Lazy ass mother fuckers
Do something productive in your lives and stay focused
I don’t know what you fucking fighting for
You called the cops on this fella
Turned your back, but still crawling back to this fella
You missing out on a good fuck
This dude making me cum with his big fat cock
It’s okay now, cuz you can have it back
I don’t want anything to do with this fella’s dumb ass
Jump right on it, I left it squeaky clean
From the top of the tip to his balls down deep
Ya’ll pathetic, and I’ll remain unapologetic
No mercy for ya’ll
You stupid hoes will keep the controversy running for all
Having everyone leaving your side cuz they just can’t handle anymore
Stupid non-sense will get you nowhere
That’s why I decided to end things right here
No fear



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