We met at a bar while roaches crawled up the walls
Harsh voice, a lot of noise, you just left me in awe
Had a beer together and had a couple more
Walking drunk up the street, talking about our lives

Got to the hotel and his mates were already in bed
We didn’t give a fuck, we used the restroom floor instead
Trembling legs and loss of breath

Don’t worry, I’ll be fine
I’ll be here when she leaves you behind
Won’t even tell you “I told you so”
‘Cause I’ve been there before and I know how much it hurts


The One That Got Locked Away Pt. 1

This is a story of a girl named Lucky…jk, his name’s Derek. So before being on Tinder, I was on Plenty Of Fish…yes, I know, POF. So if you’ve never heard about this dating app, it’s more about trying to get into a serious relationship, I didn’t know about the difference back then. We started chatting, after that we started calling each other on the phone, and then we decided to meet up.

The first time we decided to meet up turned out a complete fiasco, he couldn’t understand my directions to where to go once he crossed. Derek didn’t see me so he crossed back to the States, gave it some time, gave it a second try by crossing back again to Tijuana, but we didn’t find each other so he ended up going home.

For the second time he went down to Tijuana, I was running late, power walking down to the crossing point, when all of a sudden I see on the corner of my eye someone trying to catch up to me, it was him! We hugged and laughed and headed back to my car. I asked him how his crossing experience was and how was his day prior to coming down. We headed to downtown to have a couple of drinks, and when I was looking for a parking space he told me that there was something I needed to know about him and current situation. He said that he was on probation…wtf, right? I don’t know, but I think that these kind of things should be told before hand. I just acted cool, found an empty space, and parked.

I took him to Tropics, a bard in downtown; I liked taking my “gringo” dates there because it’s kinda dark, there are table booths and an old school  jukebox. Which, if you really think about it, there are mood setters and, also, good distraction strategies if things get awkward/boring. Anyway, if you ever find yourself down in Tijuana, this is definitely a dive bar to stop by and have a cold  caguama (big ass beer) while listening to Selena.
Our date went very well, both of us had a great time getting to know each other and we even started planning the next date.
Afterwards, I took him back to border, and said “bye” to that full set of beach washed, sexy, hair.

Of course it didn’t take more than a couple of minutes for me to sit my ass down on the desk chair, get on detective mood and start searching for his charges online. Well, it turns out that about a couple of years back he robbed a jewelry store on gun point…great. I just kept thinking and thinking; he looked like a good guy, worked every day at a surf shop making and designing surf boards and, besides, it was only his first offence and was almost out of probation. People change and are given second chances, he was at a weird point in his life when he committed that crime and seemed to have his shit back together. At the end of the day, I just saw beyond all of that and kept replaying my evening with him in my head.

Derek started visiting me every other two weeks, he would always surprise with flowers, ALWAYS! Actually, I think he’s the only man that has ever bought me flowers without being a holiday or something like that. I remember one time we were at the beach and he wrote on the sand with a stick our initials inside a crappy heart. It was so revolting to my stomach, you know? So cheesy! But I can’t deny it, I loved it at the same time.

But ya’ll know that happiness isn’t forever right?

To be continued…